Thursday, February 24, 2011

Earthly Tabernacles

A professor at Utah State University begins each semester by showing a series of architectural marvels. He speaks about the amazing strength of the design and the workmanship in the building of these masterpieces. This is probably not an unusual occurrence in a classroom, however this is for a class on human anatomy. He concludes his architectural showcase by explaining that however amazing these structures are, the human body is infinitely more complex and perfectly made.

It amazes me to think about the things our bodies can do, and just do do, all of the time. In this age when so many of us criticize ourselves for not looking precisely like an airbrushed magazine I think that we need to teach our children and ourselves to truly appreciate the amazing gift of bodies that we have been given (as these great researchers have pointed out, "negative self talk" about ourselves is not only depressing, but actually has other detrimental results).

I know I do not have the "perfect" body by the world's standards, but I have really started thinking about how blessed I am. Some of the small things that I have been noticing that I usually take for granted are: singing lullabies, typing, playing instruments, walking, hugging, tasting delicious foods, hearing laughter, breathing (I'm not totally taking this for granted after just having a baby with croup!), a beating heart, and seeing others' smiles. I am certainly not saying that we don't want to make our body as healthy as we can through eating right and exercise, I just hope that we can all take a step back and really think about the gifts given to us by our Father in Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great reminder of how awesome our bodies are! We need to love the gift God has given us.