Sunday, November 30, 2014

Every Last One

Photo Credit:  Del Parson

Recently a few friends and family members have been very worried about their children.  As I watch their concern over choices children might make or beliefs that aren't burning as brightly I see their pure love and worry about these precious souls to which they have been given stewardship.  My children are getting a little older and I am quickly seeing how I cannot make many decisions for them.  They are having to learn about consequences and while the stakes are small at this point I know they will quickly grow.  My heart aches at how there are so many scary temptations waiting to entice them on their path and I hope that they will desire to choose what is right.  However, I know they will each make mistakes.  We all make mistakes.  I guess I am starting to realize how much a parent loves each of their children - no matter the choices they have made.  If we love our children this much, how much more does a loving Father in Heaven mourn over one of his children who are in despair and need His help?  How much does He rejoice when we choose a path that brings us closer to Him?  As Jesus taught, "There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one...that repenteth" (Luke 15:10).  I hope we will all find those that are struggling and help each other along the path to a Father in Heaven who will joyfully welcome us home.