Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smooth Skies

I was unsuccessfully trying to convince myself that I was not totally insane as I watched my 3 and 5-year-olds carry heavy backpacks onto the airplane while I held my 10-month-old baby along with two other large carry-ons. I was going to be making the first leg of a long journey by myself with my three young children (one of which had gotten airsick on quite a few flights) and I was justifiably terrified. I had to get through the six hour trip by myself at which point I would meet up with family who would be able to help refill sippy cups, change diapers, and hold the baby. I knew that braver people had traveled with more and younger children, but it seemed daunting to me and I just wanted everything to be over.

But, despite the dozens of disturbing scenarios I had gone through before hand (usually involving various bodily functions), things really were pretty uneventful on this flight. Before we took off a sweet woman came and introduced herself to me and offered to help me if I ever needed it during the flight. This kind act helped me to calm down and it meant a lot knowing I had a little backup. During the flight the kids were relatively well behaved and the baby even slept for quite a while! Other than a wide array of food wrappers that marked our seats, I exited the plane tired but amazed at how smoothly everything had gone.

When I met up with my parents for the rest of the trip, ironically enough, the travelling sections felt a little more chaotic. Bags were misidentified, the baby cried much more, my little boy had some disgusting stomach problems, kids became exhausted, we missed a flight and had to stay overnight, and unfortunately the list goes on. Not that it was all bad - or that the kids were horrible - it just seemed much harder than that first leg. Admittedly, the kids were the most well-rested on that first plane, but I think that the real reason that things went as well as they did were the prayers that I know were offered up in my behalf. I believe that Heavenly Father knew what I could and could not handle and truly buoyed me up that day. I know it was just six hours, but it was a small miracle to me that things went as well as they did when I needed the most help. During that flight I know that I felt the comforting power of prayer. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who watched over me on that airplane and who continues to watch over each of us daily to give us the smooth parts of our journey when we need them most.

"And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my anme, which is right,
believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you."
-3 Nephi 18:20

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Shalee said...

Thanks Bridget! I am so glad that your prayers were answered!