Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eat, Eat, Eat!

I know I am completely biased, but I am pretty sure that I have one of the most adorable babies ever. She smiles at anyone who will give her attention, can give high-fives, and makes the happiest noises when she is excited. But, despite all of this cuteness, she has one trait that I am not loving at this stage of life: serious stubbornness when it comes to eating.

When she was solely nursing, my little one was startled during one feeding session and then decided that she would not nurse for four days unless I could be sneaky while she was asleep. I watched her getting more and more hungry and dehydrated until she finally gave in and began nursing again. Since then we have had other nursing strikes that haven't been quite as long, but have certainly been just as frustrating. Now that she has branched out into solid foods, we have had similar battles and it amazes me the will power a nine-month-old can muster.

I know that my baby needs nourishment to thrive and it is positively exasperating when she does not comply with this understanding. I know that our Father in Heaven probably does not get frustrated the same way that I do in situations like these. But, how do you think He feels when I am not complying with His plan for me - one in which He knows what will be best for me? Just like my baby needs to eat, we need to spiritually taste of the goodness of the gospel and comply with its' teachings to grow closer to our Father in Heaven. I am grateful that I have a patient Heavenly Father who understands my limitations and will help me progress despite my stubbornness and I am also grateful that one day my little baby will be a teenager who will devour all the food I bring into our home.

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Joseph Smidt said...

"I know I am completely biased..."

It's good we are all biased that way. :)