Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Being led in all things

In my institute class last night, we were studying in Alma chapters 36-39 where Alma gives counsel to his three sons. The three sons are all very different and need differing degrees of counsel. His son Helaman is given counsel to aid him in serving as the prophet and spiritual leader of the people. His other son Corianton has really messed up and doesn't understand the doctrine, so Alma spends quite some time talking to him. However, the shortest chapter is devoted to a third son named Shiblon.

Shiblon is a righteous son who has suffered stoning and being thrown into prison because of his preaching. However, Alma counsels his son Shiblon to be "diligent and temperate in all things" (Alma 38:10). And Hugh Nibley, a gospel scholar, believed that Shiblon was a bit of a self-righteous guy, and perhaps a bit overbearing. On that note, Elder Oaks, an apostle in our church, stated that there are some ways we can become overbearing in our obedience. He had quite the list... one day maybe I'll share it, but the one that stuck out to me was:

A Desire to be led in all things

Many of us, including myself, often wish the Lord would just lead us by the hand and tell us everything right then... but then we would never have faith, but simply blind obedience. We are to ACT. We are to move. Faith is a principle of action. It's not always easy, in fact, most of the time it is very scary and extremely hard to move forward in faith "not knowing beforehand what [we] should do" (1 Nephi 4:6), but, as, Nephi, being led by the spirit. My wise institute teacher said, "The spirit seems to yell in your face when you make a mistake, but when you do something right, he whispers "good job" with a pat on the back."

So, as hard as it is... I guess I'll keep moving forward and trust that the Lord won't let me make a wrong choice as long as I am faithful and worthy of the companionship of His spirit.

PS- to read Elder Oaks' full talk, click on his name to be re-directed to it. 

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