Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Medical Miracle

Swine flu, seasonal flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, strep throat, RSV, colds, colds, and colds. This is only a partial list of the many sicknesses that have been in our neighborhood since my baby was born. When we found out the good news that we were expecting and after some 9-month calculations, her due date in late August made me very nervous. A newborn at the beginning of fall was going to be so difficult to keep healthy and as everyone knows these "little" sicknesses in adults are very, very not little problems for tiny babies. So I prayed.

Everyday since my baby was born I have said prayers asking for her to stay healthy. Recently after she was born I was given a new calling and was subsequently set apart for my new responsibility by a priesthood holder in our congregation. In this priesthood blessing counsel was given and the blessing was extended that I would be able to remain healthy with the many sicknesses around so that I would be able to take care of my family. I felt very humbled and grateful in the words that I heard and hoped that they would be true.

Now our baby is almost 4-months-old and in that time my own little miracle has occurred: despite my "big" kids getting different sicknesses four or five times each and my husband also contracting some pretty bad colds, I have been able to remain healthy and so has our little baby! I know that so many parents, despite numerous prayers, have children who still get very sick, and I feel overwhelmed that we have been blessed to avoid this trial. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of our family's needs and has helped strengthen me these last few months.

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