Sunday, December 27, 2009

Greatest Dad in the Universe

As a father it is hard to imagine anything better than hearing, "Thanks Dad; you're the greatest dad in the universe!" I recently heard that phrase from my daughter after performing the incredible task of getting her some cheese, crackers and lunch meat.

That got me thinking about how I need to tell my Heavenly Father much more frequently how wonderful a father he is to me, and not just when big things happen in my life, but for all the amazing "cheese and cracker" blessings I get each day.

My son was feeling a little sick today, so he went home from church earlier than my daughter. Not forgetting about her sick little brother my daughter made sure to collect some extra candy from her class, and the Bishop, to bring home. She then proceeded to come home and hide the candy in my son's new toy workbench so he would find it when he woke up from his nap. She also made sure that the candy she gave to her brother was bigger than her own because, "that will make him feel better".

While hearing that I'm the greatest dad is hard to top, seeing my daughter serve my son without any prompting from me is actually better. I imagine that our Heavenly Father feels the same way. I'm sure he smiles when we worship him and when we talk about his greatness. But also imagine that he smiles a little bit wider when we not only worship him, but take care of one another as well, just as brothers and sisters should.

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