Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Youth

This past month I had the amazing opportunity of going to girls' camp for the first time. No, I'm definitely not in the "young women" category anymore, but I was able to tag along as a camp director for the group. Because I am a convert to our church, I did not participate in the youth programs growing up, so this camp was a totally new experience and reinforced to me the incredible opportunities for learning the church provides. In our small group there were many leaders there donating their time and talents to teach the girls in simple ways. Long sermons weren't preached, volumes weren't read, but the girls were able to learn more about the gospel from short lessons and from watching great women and men serve them.

I am so grateful for a church that has standards for its' members to live by (please see For the Strength of Youth which is a publication given to the youth of our church clearly explaining our standards of living). And, I'm especially grateful for a church that teaches these principles to the children and youth. In a world that is full of terrifying events and trends, it is comforting to know that by teaching, learning, and adhering to gospel standards our children can be more safe in an unpredictable society. I know that programs like Young Women's are inspired and led by a loving Heavenly Father who wants us and our children to succeed in this life.

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Emily said...

A few weeks ago, I taught a lesson to the 12 and 13 year olds about testimonies. I explained to them that everything in the church is there to strengthen their testimonies. Activities and camp are fun, but that's not the primary reason they have them. So many of us gain our testimonies through experience. And these experiences give us a glimpse of what we believe, know, and want to know more about. I didn't realize this until much later than I should, but I appreciate more the sacrifices made by those people who bring us those activities.