Friday, August 8, 2008

A Clean Slate

Have you ever been left with an unsettled feeling after you've made a mistake? It might have been a big fault or a small one, a misdeed long past or a recent blunder, but a feeling of unease often means that we know we can and should be doing better than we have done.

But, how can we change and restart on the right path? A loving Father in Heaven has given us a way that we can forsake our mistakes and begin again. By repenting, or turning away from our shortcomings and drawing closer to God, we can feel whole again and regain peace in our lives. I have personally felt the worry and weight of misdeeds and I have also felt the calm and safe feelings that repentance brings. I am still very far from the person I want to be, but I know that I can always try to do better through the gift of repentance. So many are burdened by past problems, but all can move past the anxiety of the world and grow closer to our Heavenly Father by cleaning our slates and changing our lives for the good.

"Joy shall be in heaven over one ... that repenteth." --Luke 15:7

"Each one of us is commanded to both repent and to call upon God continually throughout life. That pattern allows each day to be an unspoiled page in the book of life, a new, fresh opportunity. We are given the rejuvenating privilege of overcoming mistakes of commission or omission, be they small or profoundly serious. Full repentance results in forgiveness with spiritual renewal." -- Elder Richard G. Scott, “The Path to Peace and Joy,” Ensign, Nov 2000


Anonymous said...
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Shalee said...

It's so true that peace fills our hearts once we repent and forsake our wrong doings. I have felt this incredible peace in my life as well. I am thankful that we have a Heavenly Father who helps us feel His love as we are striving to become more like Him.