Thursday, July 24, 2008

Majestic Creations

In our usual rushing madness, I was hurrying my family into the Suburban when my six year old son stopped dead in his tracks to look at the beautiful site in this picture (taken from our driveway). He said, "Wow, mom. Look at that. It looks like when Heavenly Father came to visit the earth... Do you think that is Him watching over us?" I stopped and my four year old joined us. Time stood completely still as we just enjoyed the majestic creations that our Father in Heaven has given for us. I am grateful to know that this remarkable earth was indeed created by our Father in Heaven. I am grateful for the simple reminder to take the time to give reverence to and enjoy this precious gift that we have. I am also grateful to know that the Heavens are opened; that our Father in Heaven did indeed come to the earth to visit the Prophet Joseph Smith in the spring of 1820. I am grateful to know that I am entitled to receive personal revelation for myself and my family and that our Father in Heaven is watching over us and cares deeply about my trials and successes.

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Bridget said...

Thank you Melanie for your wonderful insights and sharing your sweet little boy's comments. What a great reminder of our many blessings!