Monday, July 21, 2008

Eternal Life

Yesterday I had a very humbling experience during a church meeting: for what seemed like the millionth time, I took our boysterous 14-month-old little boy into the hall because he was being too wiggly and noisy. We quickly commenced our routine of barrelling down hallways, checking out the drinking fountains, and his favorite, looking out the windows. But, something a little out of the ordinary caught both his and my attention very quickly. There was a boy about ten years of age with his father at the doors to the meetinghouse. This boy was pretty severely handicapped and had become fascinated by going in and out the main doors. A very patient father was doing what I have to do with our little boy: making sure he didn't go to far and trying to keep him as reverent as the circumstances would permit. While my "trial" of missing my meetings to take children into the hallway will certainly be transient, this father's would be significantly extended and much more difficult. How humbled I was to remember the gift of health that has been given to me and my children.

However, upon reflecting about this faithful father and son, I was also reminded of the gift that our Heavenly Father wants to extend to all on the earth - eternal life. We have been promised that through the atonement of Christ our bodies will all be made perfect in the reserrection. This amazing gift is given freely and will be received by all. But, we have the opportunity to gain an even more astounding blessing: eternal life and eternal rest with Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven if we are faithful to his commandments. I thank Heavenly Father for reminding me of the temporary state of our mortality and that we can all be made perfect through Him and His Son.

"And if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God." Doctrine and Covenants 14:7


hurstme said...

It was so wonderful to receive Bridget's e-mail and turn to this blog and find her reflections on the small, quiet blessings we find in life--of which we are sometimes blissfully unaware--when they are brought to our attention. As a single man, I often lament the fact that my choices have allowed life to "pass me by," but on reflection, I find that although I may have placed some limitations on myself, there are instances when having remained single have enabled me to bless the lives of others in ways I may not have been able, had I my own family. Like Bridget, the realization that large blessings often come in small, unlikely packages often strikes me at the core of my own tendency to wear my "woe is me" face. Bridget turned my frown upside down today. :) Thanks!

Holli said...

thank you bridget for that wonderful message. i find those moments in my own life make it all worth it. and it's such a credit to who you are that you take the time to notice them. the gospel makes life livable really, and it has made all the difference in mine. it is my most treasured blessing. i'm so grateful to know its true. thanks for the chance to share!