Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Power of Support

Recently my little girl has been moved to a difficult new program in school that is something we knew would be a big academic challenge. It is a fantastic opportunity, but to a six-year-old it is scary to feel behind and unsure of yourself. My husband and I know that she will be just fine in a few months, but my sweet girl has been pretty worried in the meantime. To help her feel better I have been writing little pen messages on the palm of her hand in the morning so she can look at them when she feels overwhelmed. She gets so excited to have this little note that is meant just for her and it makes me glad that I can do a little something to help alleviate the pressure. Yesterday morning I quickly wrote, "believe you can do it!" and continued getting kids ready for the day. As she walked out the door I noticed that she had written something else and took a closer look. My little girl slightly changed my message by adding one letter to read, "'I' believe you can do it!" I gave her a hug and asked her why she made the change. She sweetly replied that it made her feel so much better knowing that I believed in her.

I know that when I have been in need of help, knowing that others support me and believe in me makes all of the difference in how I feel. Many have been blessed with families and friends who love them and support them. However, if you ever feel alone please know that we can always rely on the support and love of our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. He wants us to succeed. He wants us to be happy. He believes we can do it! We are never really alone and really, just having that support can make all of the difference.


Emily said...

That's awesome, Bridget. You'll have to tell us more about it!

Nicole Anderson said...

I've been on a hiatus from this blog and I feel so sad. I LOVE that you wrote kind, gentle reminders for Rachel. It reminds me of the tender mercies our Father in Heaven leaves for us each and every day. He lets us know how much He cares and how much He believes in us EVERY DAY. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

Shalee said...

What a sweet mom you are! I love that she knows you believe in her!