Saturday, April 16, 2011

Counsel with the Lord

Alma 37:37: "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good..."

My husband and I just got married eight months ago and were living on our own for the first time. I was at the time playing tennis for a university in utah and was on scholarship when my husband and I realized that we were running out of money quickly and that my job teaching tennis and his part time job would just not be enough to carry us through the winter months. We started praying for answers and help because we did not know what to do. An answer came that was very unexpected. The answer was that I should give up my scholarship and quit tennis. We were very surprised by this and we decided to go to the temple to seek more guidance when again the answer came to quit tennis. My family is a huge tennis family, all my siblings have had scholarships in tennis to help them get through school and when I told them they were unhappy to say the least, but my husband and I felt like quitting is what Heavenly Father wanted us to do. So I quit and started my search for a job. We were very confused why i still didn't have a job almost two months later, why had Heavenly Father told me to quit tennis and not let me find a job yet? When one day I was on the job hunt when I had the idea to apply for a paid internship with a company based out of Utah, it just so happened that the day I had this idea we found out that they were hiring for a new store they were opening and needed interns to leave in less than a month. We applied for the job and I got my first interview since the beginning of the job search. As we were waiting to hear back from the company to see if we got the job or not we realized that even if we didn't get the job that there was no possible way that we could stay in our apartment, we were going to have to move out. The day we started moving out we finally heard back from the company and they said that we got the job! We were ecstatic, finally our prayers had been answered we had a source of income that we could actually build up a savings from. We set off for Florida a week later for our new job.

After we had been in Florida for a month or so we started to wonder why Heavenly Father had wanted us to get this job? Why couldn't I have just got a job in Utah? We soon realized that the Lord had a reason for us being here it just took some time to realize what it was. We thought we had it all figured out, we would go home in the summer and just go to school in Utah. Heavenly Father however had a different plan for us. I began to think about my career path and if it was what I really wanted to do or if the schooling path I had in my plans was right. We started talking about our options limiting ourselves to schools in utah because of the high cost of out of state tuition. When I found a program that would let me get my master's degree in nursing in shorter time than other programs I was interested but put off by the fact that it was located in Hawaii, and that tuition would be so expensive. When we had the idea of applying for BYU hawaii and to complete our bachelor's degrees there so that we could gain residency and then tuition wouldn't be so expensive for the master's program. Because BYU hawaii is a church school, tuition would be the same cost as going to school in Utah. The accpectance rate at BYU hawaii is a very low 13% and most of the students there are international. We had heard how difficult it would be to get accpected but we had faith that if this was the route that Heavenly Father wanted us to take we would get accepted and beat the odds. We prayed and prayed about what we should do and if moving to Hawaii was really the right move for us to make. We got our answer but not through a big, elaborate feeling but more from the feeling of peace that we felt through the whole process. Our answer we felt was confirmed when we both got accepted!

Our lives these past couple of months have been a little on the crazy side but we know that because we asked for and followed the Lord's counsel even when we couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel that our lives are going in the direction that He has for us. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to be able to get a master's degree or live in Hawaii but since we listened to Heavenly Father we are more blessed now then we have ever been. This has been a huge testimony builder for me and my husband on the importance of praying and seeking the Lord's guidance. Without Him and the gift of the Holy Ghost I can't imagine the direction our lives would be going in. I'm so grateful we have these tools and these ways to communicate with our loving Heavenly Father because I know he wants what's best for us and I know if we "Counsel with the Lord in all our doings, he will direct us for our good." Even though sometimes we do things we know we're supposed to without knowing 100 percent why we are, it will always work out for the best.