Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stop and listen, especially when it's important

On Sunday in Relief Society we were discussing the story of Mary and Martha.  You know, the one when Martha is busy working and Mary is listening to Jesus and Martha gets kind of mad at Mary for not helping, then Jesus reprimands Martha?  Poor Martha always gets a bad reputation because of that story. 

In RS, it was pointed out that when Lazarus died, Martha was actually very faithful and believing. She'd probably just been caught at a bad moment when Jesus reprimanded her.  We talked about how we can't judge others without knowing the full story, just like if we forget how faithful Martha was at Lazarus' death.

It also made me think, though, how when we have the opportunities for something special like General Conference, or listening to Jesus in Martha's case, we should take them.  I know Conference is over, but we can still apply the principle to choose the better part in all areas of our lives.

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Bridget said...

Thank you for the great reminder!