Monday, February 22, 2010

The Spirit of God

My little girl was due for her shots this last week. Every time I thought of taking her to get her shots, I felt nauseous. I tried to convince myself I just didn't like that she cried when she was poked. The day before her doctor's appointment, the missionaries even stopped by to give her a blessing to calm my nerves, but the feeling wouldn't leave. When we got to the doctor, I allowed them to give her almost all of the shots until the nurse go to the MMR vaccine. At that point I felt dizzy to the point of fainting. Something just felt wrong. I told the nurse that we were going to wait on that particular vaccine and we went home with me thinking I was totally crazy. I even called to schedule another appointment when we got home because I thought my nerves were just being too jumpy.

Today, I took my little girl to the allergist for her peanut allergy. The doctor suggested we test her for the typical childhood allergies. After they did the scratch test (they make little scratches on their arms and expose them to allergens to see what they are allergic to,) the nurse came in to check her arms. Her mouth dropped open and she immediately demanded if I have given my child the MMR vaccine. With no logical explanation as to why I didn't, I told her it just didn't feel right. She told me that my listening to my mother's intuition I had probably saved my child's life. She is extremely allergic to eggs and the MMR is an egg-based vaccine.

I know that it had nothing to do with mother's intuition and everything to do with the fact that God was watching out for me and my little girl. I am so grateful that the feelings were persistent even though I tried to shake them off and that in the end everything turned out OK. I have been reminded today that God is watching out for all of us and that he communicates to us through the spirit.


Tera said...

I am so grateful for those miracles of motherhood. I learned from my mother who definitely listened to the spirit when it came to her kids. I know that I am responsible for my children, and as long as I am worthy and willing to listen to those promptings, they will come.

Thanks Debra, for the story and for the reminder of the sanctity of our job/calling/whatever.

Bridget said...

I'm so glad that she is safe! Thank you for that amazing story and I'm so glad that you listened to the feelings you had. And, I'm so grateful that we have the Spirit to help us!

Lu said...

Wow! I am so grateful for the little miracles like this that happen-- I mean, imagine if you hadn't been able to get into the allergist that soon and then either convinced yourself to let Sofie get the shot or just convinced yourself that you were outright crazy. :)

Every time I check on sleeping Paul umpteen times before I go to bed, I wonder if it's paranoia or if, sometime in the future, that habit will be the means of a prompting. Thanks for sharing. Love you all!

Jennifer said...

What an amazing story! I don't think that was just some little miracle but a life-changing experience for you and your little girl. I'm impressed by how readily you responded to the Spirit. And, as always, I am grateful to know Heavenly Father holds our little children in the palm of His mighty hand.